It’s up to you to build the future of your children, now or never.

Your children may find themselves in a modular classroom.
Your children may only have a quarter of the space to play.
Didn’t you come to TMR for the quality of the schools? Schools are the value of our neighbourhood. Help us build that value.

Why it is important to sign the petition:

  • The capacity of francophone primary schools is exceeded.·

  • Modular classes have been added to schoolyards.

  • The Académie Saint-Clément lost 3/4 of its schoolyard following the addition of modular classrooms, leaving no space to run and play. Its gymnasium is inadequate and insufficient for the number of students.   

  • It is clear that we must quickly build another school in TMR. 

  • For nearly 2 years, the government has budgeted $25M to build a new school and nothing happen since that. 

  • This school must be built for the school year starting September 2023, but the longer the government delays moving the issue forward, the lower the chances of getting there in time.

  • This budget must not be lost or be insufficient with the cost of construction work, which is constantly increasing.

Kids Running


The APMR would also like to point out that the purpose of the petition is to advance the construction of a new primary school in TMR and it is in no way intended to provoke a debate between the English and French speaking TMR community.


We hope that the petition will help obtain answers as to the lack of progress in the project to build a new school and the deadline for its construction. It is the APMR’s wish that  the construction and its location does not affect the quality of life of all other TMR schools.

Update on the petition filed

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