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Association of Parents of Mount Royal

Town of Mount Royal welcomes more and more families, and it is with the involvement of everyone that a gathering of parents is transformed into a united and dynamic community.

Our mission

The APMR, founded in 1973, is a non political and non-profit organization that aims to create a community of parents-children in TMR. We have at heart to create links between families through support, mutual aid and exchange. The APMR offers a variety of services, workshops, conferences and social events for families.


Board of directors

Get involved

Contact us to be a volunteer!


Committees have been formed within the Board to better address the interests of our members

administration, finance & legal

Ensure sound management of operations and finances, preparation of budgets, accounting and legal aspects.

& membership

Keep members up to date with activities, current projects and progress of issues taken on. Increase the visibility and influence of the APMR while listening to members.

Public relations & sponsorship

Represent Mont Royal families in educational, municipal, provincial and federal issues. Mainly work with the city and schools to improve the services offered to families. Search for partners and sponsorship to finance our activities and operations.


Organisation of events and activities, create opportunities to come together (including virtually) and bond between families.

Automation of processes, improvement of communication platforms and mediums from an IT perspective and continue the technological shift of APMR.


The APMR, a growing family!

Join our family community and find other parents like you.

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