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We invite you to view below the conference that took place on February 3rd 2021

This meeting was organized by the Parent’s Association of Mount-Royal (APMR) in order to address the concerns expressed on our Facebook page. You will find information on various topics, such as child safety, theft, dangerous driving, safety around schools, the addition of speed bumps, speed limits on city streets, the sharing of responsibilities between the SPVM and Public Security, etc.

The mayor of Town-of-Mount-Royal, Philippe Roy, director general, Ava Couch and city councillor, Michelle Setlakwe were also present to answer questions.

Part 1

Presentation of the APMR, guests and TMR Public Security

Part 2

SPVM and questions



Public Security:

- Edison Ramirez, MBA, Director

- Daniel Lepore, Sociocommunity Officer

Service de police de la ville de Montréal (SPVM) : 

Jean-Nicolas Nault, Inspector

- Stéphane Rodrigue, Lieutenant

- Marie-Pier Boucher, Sociocommunity Officer


Town of Mount-Royal:

- Philippe Roy, Mayor

Ava L. Couch, ing., Director General

- Michelle Setlakwe, Councillor

Town of Mount-Royal Parents' Association :

- Sophie Seguin, President

- Annie Tremblay, Vice-President


1. Introduction of the guests

2. Introduction

2.1 TMR Public Security:

- roles and responsibilities

- prevention services

- neighborhood watch program

- security advice (house and car) and awareness

- school zones security

- posts on social media

- aggressive dogs

2.2 Service de police de la ville de Montréal:

- roles and responsibilities

- services offered

- crime advice and information

- thefts of all kinds

- dangerous and reckless driving

3. Collaboration between the Town and schools. 

4. Questions from TMR residents


The APMR, a growing family!

Join our family community and find other parents like you.

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