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2022 APMR

Presented by RBC


The 2nd edition of the APMR Rally was a great success for its 2022 Athletes' Rally, congratulations to all the participants who took up the challenge! More than 60 families and about 250 people participated!

We would like to thank the organizing team: Virginie Longpré, Claire Dauphin, Laura Floyd, Van-Anh Le, Marie-Claude Marcil, Marie-isabelle Roy, as well as the mini-volunteers Lili Perreault, Alice Fortier, Jeanne Fortier, Raphaelle Fortier, Joachim Huang , Geneviève Lapointe, Vincent Leduc, Juliette Legentil, Olive Menda, James Vartivarian, as well as RBC volunteers.

We would also like to thank all our partners: The Graham branch of the Royal Bank of Canada and Antoine G Beaulieu, our Olympic athlete, Sports Experts of Rockland Center, Dose of Happy, Jeunes en Mouvement, Coach Adam, Provigo le marché Jean-Benoit Gauthier, Rachelle Berry Mont Royal, IGA Rockland, Léonidas Mont-Royal, Teejay Silk screening, and the Kloda Focus Group.

Finally, we would like to thank all the participants for their presence, their participation in the activities and their energy!

Photos gallery of the participants of the Rally

Videos gallery of the winners of the Rally

Thanks to the volunteers 

Winners of the competitions

The Rally big prize draw

Rally winners

Congratulations to the winners!

Winner of the Grand Rally Draw:
Chantal Lemieux

Penalty shootout winner:
Charles Dusseault (21 goals)

Winner of the water balloon throw:
Adam Momtaz (score: 43)

Pool noodle toss winners:
Famille Dusseault
Famille Longpré


This event was brought to you in partnership with

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