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Annual survey

Every year, the APMR puts together a survey in order to understand families’ needs and preoccupations. We invite families to fill out the survey and share their thoughts. The results of the survey will strengthen the APMR’s position when addressing  TMR families’ needs and preoccupations  with the town, public security, police, schools and other stakeholders.


The APMR is also taking action to help families with various initiatives, such as the petition for the new school, the virtual meeting on public safety, the brief for the PPU Rockland,  playground modules, etc.

Answer the 2021 yearly survey !

This is a great opportunity for you to express your opinion on TMR community issues related to  families and to share your ideas about how we can improve.

The APMR, a growing family!

Join our family community and find other parents like you.

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