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The APMR, a growing family!

A community for TMR parents and children.

When you become a member of the APMR, you are joining a community of TMR parents that support a non-profit association, composed of volunteer parents, which has the interests of TMR families at heart.

Lifetime contribution : 15 $ per family. 


Plus, the contribution offers several services, activities and exclusive benefits for members.

Benefits at your fingertips

Support network

Be part of a support network, references through the  Facebook discussion group

Parents VMR TMR counting  1400+ members

Public relations and affairs

Support our actions with public institutions in order to represent families in important issues (public security, parks, schools, library, etc.).


Stay informed about activities, events or news that might be of interest to TMR's parents.

Resources in TMR

Access to the list of TMR babysitters,  daycares, schools, medical services in TMR.

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Facebook members

Join us and let's grow together!

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