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2021 APMR


The first edition of the APMR Rally was a big success, congratulations to all participants!

Thank you to the team organizer of this event, Virginie Longpré, Claire Dauphin, Marie France Rochefort, Van-Anh Le and Laura Floyd, as well as to all our volunteers!

We would also like to thank all our partners: Royal Bank of TMR, Rachelle Bery TMR, Montreal fire department, and TMR croquet club for their participation, as well as the city archives service, VMR library, Léonidas, Québec photobooth, Teejay Silkscreening and the residents of 66 Wicksteed.

Find all the answers to Towny's riddles!

Watch the pictures of the Rally's participants

See all the pictures taken at the photobooth!

Video of the draw for the APMR Rally Contest


APMR Rally contest

The winner of the Rallye APMR 2021 prize worth

$ 500 in gift cards* is Marguerite Goupil and her family!



*Courtesy of RBC Graham


Answers to Towny's riddles:

Déroulement du rallye
écureuil rallye carte - JPG (1) (1).jpg

1 . A (quiet) place that honors the mayor of the Town of Mount Royal between 1951 and 1987: Library Reginald Dawson
2. Where is Towny? Behind the balustrade, lower right.
3. Charade: a keyboard
4. Name of the future square: Station square.
5. Number of rungs on the firefighter's ladder: 27
6. Origin of CANORA name: CAnadian - NOrthen -RAilway
7. Name of the first school of Mount Royal: St-Joseph school
8. Number of squirrels hidden at Mohawk park: 5
9. Date of building of St-Clément school : 1923
10. Iconic fruit of town Mount Royal: the melon
11. Cost of a train ticket from TMR to downtown: 0,05$
12. Cost of a public telephone call in 1973: 0,10$
13. Leonidas
14. In which of these games is lawn bowling featured?
2 - Commonwealth Games.
15. Which flowers can we find in great number at Connaught park? Roses.

Towny's riddles and clues were inspired by the book The Royal Gift, telling the story of Town Mount Royal. It is available at City Hall or at the Réginald Dawson Library at a cost of $ 35 plus taxes, and is also available for consultation. More information at

Questions, comments?
Do not hesitate to contact us

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The APMR, a growing family!

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