New Skatepark

 The APMR is very proud to have provided the opportunity for young TMR residents to participate in the design of the new skatepark. The new design will offer modern facilities adapted to skateboarders, BMX bikers and mountain bikers. Thank you to our youth for their involvement in this project!


The young residents who took part in the consutation will have the priviledge to be the first ones the final plans for the new skatepark that will be located in Danyluk park .


It is with great disappointment that the APMR has learned that there will be no new skatepark this summer. Of the six companies that obtained the documentation, only one submitted a bid for 1.5 million when the city had budgeted for $750k. The council therefore rejected it and has yet to rule on a revised timeline for this project. The current skatepark will remain open.

The APMR has been deeply involved with its youth team in developing the plans and will continue to closely monitor this project which is so important to your children.


The Town is looking at a modern facility with concrete obstacles for skateboarders, BMX and mountain bike users alike.

Space will be maximized with more modules and a nice shaded area.



The old equipment won't be moved to an other location because of technical reasons:

The old equipment will be taken apart when it is removed and some parts are fixed to the ground so cannot be relocated. 

Equipment is also old so when it is moved there will surely be breakage. 

Even if it could be moved there is not a safe space to relocate that is available with the necessary layout.

The APMR is following this project.

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