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New Skatepark

 The APMR is very proud to have provided the opportunity for young TMR residents to participate in the design of the new skatepark. The new design offer modern facilities adapted to skateboarders, BMX bikers and mountain bikers. Thank you to our youth for their involvement in this project! Congratulations to all for this skatepark in the image of our beautiful city! 

Thanks to Massimo Kauffman, Emile Perreault and Maxence Sigouin for their ideas, concepts and recommendations.


The APMR is very proud to have participated in the inauguration ceremony of the new Town of Mount Royal skatepark.
A great attention from the city which wanted to thank the committee of young people who had been set up by the APMR for their contribution to the design of this superb playground.
Thank you to Mayor Peter Malouf and his advisors present for your kind words and this delicate attention.




The Town now has a modern facility with concrete obstacles for skateboarders, BMX and mountain bike users alike.

Space has been maximized with more modules and a nice shaded area.



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