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In 2020, Town of Mount-Royal updated the play structures in many  parks, Mohawk Park being among them.


In the Spring of 2021, the APMR shared with the town both parents’ and childrens’  comments related to Mohawk park with the hope that future structures will satisfy children’s needs.


The APMR consulted with Christine Latreille who has visited over 900 parks in the Montreal area. She has written about many of them on her website:



The APMR is suggesting that all new play structures to be renovated differentiate themselves from the ones presently found in TMR playgrounds. It is important to offer novelty so that children may be transported to a different universe every time they visit a new park. Each new park that will be renovated should be original and offer its unique challenges. 


Children appreciate  having designated play zones adapted to different age groups with their respective challenges.

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