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Buying Flowers

Goal achieved!

115 flowers offered to Graham residents

for Valentine's Day!


For each bouquet purchased at McKenna Fleuriste,

a flower was offered to a person from the Graham residence so that he/she receive some love.


Thanks to the generosity of TMR residents, the APMR and its partner McKenna florist handed this week to the 115 residents of the Graham a flower and a greeting card, to celebrate Valentine’s day in the presence of Virginie Longpré (APMR Board member), Kevin Camara (owner of McKenna florist), François Duchesne (Manager of resident activities at Graham) and Sophie Séguin (APMR President).

We are pleased to have been able to provide comfort in this difficult time, the entire APMR team thanks everyone who participated in the initiative.

A special thank you to Maxime, 13 years old, who prepared 30 greeting cards!

Photos: courtesy of Mount-Royal Station and Graham retirement home.

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