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Resources and services in TMR

We recommend the use of a computer or a PC. The layout on a mobile device could be affected.

This list of resources has been compiled with the best knowledge of the APMR volunteer parents and doesn't represent in any case a recommendation or a guarantee of the service offered by the supplier.

This list is not exhaustive and is intended to be a neutral tool compiled without any sponsorship.

Municipal & Security services

Services municipaux

For any information request related to municipal services, you will find in the below document the contacts of various city departments based on FAQ.

For any situation involving the public security services or the SPVM, we invite you to refer to the list of contacts below. You will know who to contact depending on the situation, urgent or not.


Elementary & secondary schools

École / School
Adresse / Address
Site Web / Web Site
Téléphone / Phone
École Saint-Clément Ouest
555 Avenue Mitchell, Mont-Royal , H3R1L5
(514) 735-0400
École Saint-Clément Est
1560 Boulevard Laird, Mont-Royal , H3P2T5
(514) 739-5322
Académie St-Clément
1345 Chemin Régent, Mont-Royal , H3P2K8
(514) 739-5004
École Carlyle
109 Avenue Carlyle, Mont-Royal, H3R1S8
(514) 738-1256
École Dunrae Gardens
235 Avenue Dunrae, Mont-Royal, H3P1T5
(514) 735-1916
École Première Mesifta
2325 Avenue Ekers, Mont-Royal, QC H3S 1C6
(514) 738-1738
École secondaire / secondary school
Adresse / Address
Site web / web site
Téléphone / Phone
Mont Royal
50 Avenue Montgomery, Mont-Royal, H3R 2B3
(514) 731-2761
Pierre Laporte
1101 Chemin Rockland, Mont Royal, H3P 2X8,
(514) 739-6311


Garderie / Daycare
Adresse / Address
Site web / Web
Téléphone / Phone
Courriel / Email
CPE Mont-Royal
1491 Laird Boulevard, Mont-Royal, H3P 2T6
(514) 738-5322
233 avenue Dunbar, suite 200 Ville Mont-Royal, H3P 2H4
(514) 278-4242
Les Aventuriers
196 chemin Bates, suite 001 Mont-Royal, H3S 1A3
(514) 278-8660
Myrielle Gouin Lemire
1800 Boulevard Graham, Mont Royal, H3R1G9
(514) 738-0196
Le Royaume des Enfants
1800 Boulevard Graham, Mont Royal, H3R1G9
(514) 731 6706
Académie Montessori Coeur Ame et Esprit
2435 Chemin Manella Mont-Royal, H4P 2A5
(514) 375-2990
Kids Premier
5435 Rue Ferrier #200, Mont Royal, H4P 1M5
(514) 345-1740
Le Jardin des fleurs
5235 Rue de la Savane, Montréal, H4P 1V4
(514) 737-3373
Le Nid de Namur
4987 Rue Paré, Montréal, H4P 1P4
(514) 739-3999
Mini Trésors
2550 Chemin Bates, Montréal QC, Canada, H3S 1A7

Health services

(Section under construction available soon)

Commerces et santé

Shops & restaurants 

You will find the list of shops, restaurants, health services and others on the city website by clicking bellow.

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