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Happy Hanukkah! Craft ideas.

Star of David Pockets

Felt is the perfect material for beginner sewers - it's easy to cut and doesn't need a hem to have a finished edge. Glue or sew the finished star pockets to the length of a ribbon, then thread them over a bedroom door. Each pocket (eight) corresponds to a pocket for a small Hanukkah gift or treat every night.

Hanukkah luminaries

Light up your walkway with these DIY Hanukkah lights. This smart tutorial uses a triangular cookie cutter, turned inside out and layered, to paint a Star of David on white paper bags. Fill your paper bags with plastic tea lights for a perfectly safe seasonal display.

Marshmallow Dreidels

It can be very satisfying to treat yourself to that sweet taste (just a little bit) while on vacation, and this easy dessert lets you do it. Just frost a marshmallow with store-bought frosting, then roll it in blue slices. Add a pretzel spinner and a chocolate kiss, and you've got a fully edible dreidel.

Felt Dreidel Banner

A solid craft that will last year after year, this felt banner will look perfect in monochrome shades of blue. Kids can practice their scissor skills by cutting out small patterns for each dreidel and then layering them for a neat result. This banner is particularly attractive on the banister or on the doorframe.

Star of David Sun Catcher

These Star of David sun catchers look beautiful displayed in a window, where they can catch winter sunlight. Tutorial here.

Origami dreidels

Origami - the art of Japanese paper - is a wonderful technique for children's crafts thanks to its readily available supplies (all you need is paper) and often impressive results. The little ones can try their hand at folding these dreidels (as an added bonus if you recycle holiday gift wrap as a paper source). Stick a wooden match through the top opening as a handle, then try spinning!

Menorah in collages

Star of David in watercolor on tape

Stained glass menorah

Although this Hanukkah craft requires the use of a sharp knife, after the careful cutting is done, children can take care of the decorating. Glue colored tissue paper to the back of a relief cut construction paper menorah and encourage small artists to mix it up with patterns and pops of color. This piece looks lovely hanging from a window to catch the light.


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